Marketing and CRM experts

As a marketing, CRM or e-commerce professional, you know that data exploitation is a major performance driver. But what can you do when you don’t have a data scientist at your disposal?

marketing and CRM experts
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datacadabra, the turnkey tool to boost your performance

The particularity of datacadabra is to offer you a turnkey solution that does not require any programming or data science knowledge. Thanks to our analytical datamart and the Prepare module, you can define the scope of your analyses in a few clicks.

Once your data is prepared, you can use our different modules to Segment your customers, Describe their profiles and behaviors, Predict their future behaviors or needs, Follow their activity or Map it.

Your different analyses will then help you improve your animation strategy and optimize your targeting. Thus, our Target module will allow you to use all available data (raw data, aggregates, scores, segmentation) to create optimized targeting and gain in performance.

A proven autonomy
A proven autonomy

You no longer need a data scientist to know your customers.

Easy to perform analyses
Easy to perform analyses

Take advantage of our AI bricks to perform your analyses in a few clicks.

Fast ROI generation
Fast ROI generation

Increase your sales with an optimized strategy and more accurate targeting.

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