Smarter and more smarter and more campaigns thanks to our AI engines

The intelligent and optimized campaign management tool, revealing the best possible sales and marketing animations, according to each customer. 

Main characteristics

Create an ultra-personalized targeting thanks to artificial intelligence

Easily activate your customers with our optimized plan

Manage your campaigns individually or use our AI engines to optimize your animation plan over a given period.

Measure performance with our automated reports

Our automated dashboards allow you to monitor your customer database, the performance of your campaigns and to calculate the additionality of your animation plan.


Use all available targeting criteria and our AI models to make the right offer to the right customers.

Management and optimization
of your file

Manage your sales pressure and use our templates to better manage your database assets.

Your modules

Your analysis methods

Emilia Clarke
Set up your one-time or recurring campaigns and optimize the targeting of your populations.
Emilia Clarke
Manage your activity and measure the performance of your campaigns with automated reports and dashboards.
Emilia Clarke
Manage your segmentation and scores and create new analysis models.
Emilia Clarke
Set up your connectors, your white zone and your commercial pressure for all your campaigns in a few clicks.

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