Discover the profile of your customers, their buying behavior and their customer journey

You can then adapt your action plans to their expectations.

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customer knowledge


Knowing your customers will allow you to to establish an effective oriented communication

With the Describe module, you will have access to different methods of describing your data and your customers. You will be able to perform a diagnosis of your data, a profile of your customers, compare their profile with the one of the population, or know the customer journey.


With our profiling methods integrated into Describe, you can better understand the characteristics of your different groups of individuals and improve the reach of your messages. With this information, you can better tailor your communications and offer more relevant products and services to your different customer segments.

Open data

Based on numerous Open Data sources, GeoTypo is a segmentation that allows you to simply characterize your contact population and better understand their characteristics. You can even compare different groups of users and analyze their differences and particularities.

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