datascientist virtuel

Your virtual data scientist at the service of your performance

Datacadabra is a solution in SaaS mode that allows business experts, in all simplicity, to create value by a relevant and fast exploitation of your data! 


The interconnected solution that gives value to your data

Main characteristics

Give time back to your data scientists with our powerful powerful and easy-to-use expert solution

Robustness / Proven reliability

Benchmarked algorithms to ensure optimal performance.

Modular and multi-connector solution

Datacadabra retrieves your data through several connectors to be defined according to your technical environment.

Algorithmic transparency

Define yourself the variables of your scores and their automation.

Integrated analytical datamart

Our integrated analytics datamart provides optimized data storage for analysis.


Industrialization of models

Your models are directly industrialized in our data environment to allow you to exploit them instantly.

Time saving and performance

Automated data preparation and our packaged algorithms ensure time savings and increased performance.

Get started today with datacadabra

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