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Julia Faure
Responsable CRM
"An agency on a human scale, made up of passionate people who love their work, and who do not try to sell solutions that do not correspond to a real need. We have built a relationship of trust with Datacadabra that resembles a partnership, more than a simple provider/brand relationship."
Tinwai Fung
Head of Growth
Rapid Flyer
"We needed business intelligence, i.e., tools that would allow us to better measure the performance of our marketing actions in order to adjust and improve them. The support provided by the CSM of datacadabra, Delphine, is also a strong point of this partnership. Thanks to her, we can exploit the full potential of the data management solution, improve customer knowledge and the performance of our operational action plans."
Isis Kouokam
Chargée d’études data et CRM
Supermarchés Match
"datacadabra is a great tool that allows non-experts in data to be autonomous in advanced analysis. To date, the support of the datacadabra teams has enabled us to increase our skills in predictive analysis. We are able to perform these scores independently."
Emilia Clarke
Jérôme Hurbain,
Data Manager
"The solution is easy to use, useful in my case as I am not an expert in this field at all. The models are generated very quickly. We use the Predict module to generate attrition scores. The scores obtained are particularly relevant."
Emilia Clarke
Jérôme Sannier,
Category Management Manager
"datacadabra has enabled us to better understand our customers' behavior, to identify our best customers and our pockets of growth, and therefore to prioritize our actions. And therefore to prioritize our actions."
Emilia Clarke
Betty Becaert,
Project Director
"My main use of datacadabra is RFM segmentation, which is the first pillar of strategic support in marketing automation. The gradual discovery of other features is leading me to offer more of these solutions to my various clients, particularly profiling. Overall, I am very satisfied."
Emilia Clarke
Olivier Waechter,
Client Research Officer
Match supermarkets
"datacadabra offers us the possibility to do different types of analysis (scoring, reporting, segmentation, etc.). Its main benefit is to increase the relevance in different targeting."
Ludovic Hulin
Data Scientist
Tape à l’œil
"datacadabra offers different Modules (predict / describe / map / segment) that each perform their function very effectively, and the model analysis work that comes out of it is already pre-mastered by a report of the most interesting indicators. This allows you to focus on the business impact of what you have created."

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