Identify the best performing geographical areas

When managing a network of points of sales, understanding the level of performance at a geographical level is a major challenge for the development of this network.

geographical areas
point of sales geographical areas


Deciding where to locate your next store is far from being an arbitrary and easy decision, especially when the area is competitive.

In this context, Map your activity offers real optimized opportunities.

Thus, it is easy to create maps measuring the level of activity of a point of sale in a given geographical area by integrating different points of interest (competitors’ points of sale for example). This type of map will make it easy to measure performance at a local level. 

To go further, we can integrate a statistical dimension to the maps. In this context, we can model the performance of a point of sale with regard to the available information. For example, we can associate endogenous variables (type of store, surface area, etc.) with exogenous variables (customer profiles in the catchment area, competitors in the area, etc.) in order to determine the most relevant model. Once the model is obtained, we can identify the weight of each component in the explanatory power of the model. This will make it possible to determine the weight of endogenous variables, the profile of the catchment area or the competition on the turnover.

Simplification of investment choices
Simplification of investment choices

Thanks to the map, you will be able to easily identify the areas of implantation to be privileged.

Localized Advertising Optimization
Localized Advertising Optimization

Define the areas on which to distribute unaddressed prints, set up 4x3...

More precise definition of objectives
More precise definition of objectives

Each point of sale being in a different area, taking into account their particularities allows to define adapted objectives.

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